• Lattice 8×8 tiles

  • Fruit bowls

  • Daffodil tiles

  • Spoons

  • Yew tiles

    Yew tiles

  • wall vases

    wall vases

  • cabinet knobs

    cabinet knobs

  • thumb cups for slider

    thumb cups

  • ornaments


Upcoming Shows: Potters Market Dec 5-8 in Southfield MI and Winterfair Dec 6-8 in Columbus OH

About the Studio


One Acre Ceramics pottery and tiles are handmade by Sarah and Thomas Gelsanliter at their studio in southeastern Michigan. Sarah and Thomas often draw on the colors and patterns of their surroundings while creating their work. Luminous glazes and intricate designs are the hallmarks of the art pottery and tiles made at One Acre Ceramics, and each piece is hand-crafted to be both beautiful and functional. With his background in design and tile-making, Thomas draws and hand carves all of the designs used at One Acre Ceramics. Covered jars, vases, candleholders, and other vessels are thrown on the potter’s wheel by Sarah. Both artists work on the pieces at different points in the process, allowing them to create finished work that highlights both of their unique skills. Working together also allows them to draw on their varied backgrounds in clay and means daily conversations about designing new pieces, expanding surface treatments, and solving technical challenges.